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Write a sentence or two about the game, including basic information like developer and year of release. The infobox values can be changed by viewing the source.


Talk about the elements of gameplay the game uses, like items that are collected, tools that are used, how the player navigates, how the camera views the world, etc.


Bullet-pointed interesting facts that wouldn't really fit into another section. Supported speculation is fine, but let's keep it mainly factual.

Remember to not spoil endings of games with surprising ending or deep story.

Example of games that can and can't be spoiled

How Scary Was This Game

The poll was created at 08:52 on December 23, 2014, and so far 9 people voted.

The poll is so you and others can rate the game. Polls must always look like this one with Scary,Decent and Lame being the options. Polls are also to never be reset.