Slender: The Eight Pages
Developer Parsec Production
Engine Unity 3D
Year of release 6/26/12

Slender: The Eight Pages is a free indie horror game based on the anonymous character. The game is developed by the Parsec Production and released in the June 26 of 2012.


Slender the eight pages is a indie horror game based on the creepypasta of the slenderman. The game is set in a dark forest. The player must collect eight pages disperse around the map. The only lights are the sky and the a flash light. The map have ten principal place where there's locate the pages. The map is surrended by a lot of trees. The principal places are : silo,tanks,bathrooms,rocks,walls,tunnel,dead tree,cutted woods,single tanker and two vehicles. Only in eight place the pages spawn, but this is random. Every round the location change. Every page you collect the difficulty increase. When you collect five page if you never turn on your self the slenderman spawn behind you and kill you. After take all the pages you win only after the slenderman kill you. The death scene start, but after the static you wake up in the forest during the day.

Slender the 8 pages layout

The Monster Edit

The monster of the game is the slenderman, a monster that look like a human. He wear a suit. He's very tall and he don't have face. The slenderman have the ability to teleport. If the player look the slenderman there is a static effect on the player HUD. If the player walk to close at the slenderman or look him for a long time, the player get killed and the game is lose.


Game TypesEdit

There are two gametypes in the game: Default mode : the default mode playing during the night. Day mode : is like the normal mode, but seted in the forest during the day. The game mode is unlocked after complete the game least one time. Marble hornets mode : based on the marble hornets series of youtube. The pages is replaced by video tapes. Static borders are added to the screen and visibilty is decresed. The gametype is unlocked after complete the default least one time. 20$ mode : like the default mode with the difference that the static sound is replaced by sound clip from the song " gimme 20 dollars ".


  • The tank vehicle seen from distance
  • The slenderman
  • The main menu of the game
  • The bathrooms
  • The two vehicles
  • The walls with the slenderman next to
  • The tanks zone
  • The slenderman in front of the tunnel
  • The dead tree


  • Every page you collect the soundtrack change.
  • When you collect 8 pages the soundtrack return the same of the first page
  • The 20$ mode is removed from the latest version.
  • When the seventh page get collected sometimes the screen turn static for one second. As well the slenderman not spawn.
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