The Rake: Back To Asylum
The rake back to asylum
Developer Mark R.
Engine FPS Creator
Year of release 26/10/2012

The Rake: Back To Asylum is a short indie horror game situated in an abandoned asylum, with the goal of retrieving a cellphone and escape.


The game is situated in a dark and abandoned asylum. The player must find a cellphone with the evidence of a mysterious creature ( The rake ) and escape back to the start of the map.

The rake will spawn sometimes and kill the player, you must be very careful because at difference of other games he don't came with a preadvice, he simply spawns randomly.

After the player took the cellphone and escape the game is complete.

The MonsterEdit

The monster of the game is the rake a creature based on the ominous creepypasta. He is tall , with big claws and very thin. On this game he appear completely black, but in his sequel he got different colors. The rake will spawn in your location randomly sometimes, when this happen you heard a creepy noise and you see him appear in the same moment, killing the player,but sometimes a glitch cause that he don't kill you and you can walk away and even pass him through.


  • Sometimes you can hear screams around the map maybe some few survivors or actual victims of the rake
  • Sometimes the rake will not kill you and you can walk into him and pass him through
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